Love for Art by Bryanna Marie
IlluXcon 2014
Okay, this will be my first year attending and I have to say, my insides are squeaking with excitement. Five days of pure art overload. I can't wait to meet all of the wonderful people there and I know for a fact I will leave this show feeling refreshed and filled with knowledge. Bring it on IlluXcon!

My artwork will be hung up in hall D for viewing. If you are one of the lucky people that is able to attend this year. Stop by at take a look!

Spectrum 2014

I'm happy to say my artwork will be displayed at the
2014 spectrum art show.

The show is called Tiny Pleasures. And there is more than 150 artists who were able to contribute. It was so much fun to paint something so small and detailed. Hopefully I can do more projects like that soon.

If you're going to be going to the show be sure to stop by!!

Amazing Comic-Con 2014!!

Thank you everyone for coming out to see me and supporting my silly dreams. Everyone I spoke to was so happy to be there and let me tell you, it was contagious! Much love! Hope to see you next year.


I will be attending the 6th annual Tucson Comic-Con at the
Tucson Convention Center.

It will be running Saturday & Sunday November 2nd & 3rd.
Day passes will be $8 10$ for the weekend. This event is for all ages and is a chance to experience a good old fashioned comic book convention.

Stop by and say hello! xoxo